At Tropical Telemedicine, we provide high-quality and affordable medical attention promptly to meet your various health needs. Our provider, Abby Guirguis, APRN-CNP, offers virtual consultations from the comfort of your home.

We provide a wide range of services to address your medical needs, including urgent healthcare, referrals for specialists and lab work, and medication refills.

If you're traveling to Florida, you can rely on us for hassle-free medical care to address all your healthcare needs. Our services are designed to provide prompt medical support conveniently, without the inconvenience of long waiting times and travel expenses.

Affordable Pricing

Our virtual consultations significantly reduce the cost typically associated with in-person visits. We provide easy and quick access to healthcare without breaking the bank. Our same-day virtual visits are available for $100, which covers necessary lab orders, prescriptions, and medication delivery.

Specific service pricing:

  • Non-Emergency Urgent Care Services: $100 per visit
  • Weight Loss Services: $350 per month
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy: $200 per visit
  • Cosmetic Skincare 5-Minute Mini Visits: $50 per visit
  • Virtual Consultations for ED, ED, Men's Hair Loss, & Birth Control: $100 per visit

Non-Emergency Urgent Care

Non-emergency urgent care addresses health concerns that require immediate medical support but are not life-threatening. This includes a variety of conditions, such as respiratory issues, infections, allergies, and other ailments that require timely medical intervention.

While these health issues may not be emergencies, they still require the expertise and supervision of a healthcare professional as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, not all health concerns require a physical in-person visit to an urgent care center. Many non-emergency health issues can be efficiently managed through remote consultations with a qualified healthcare provider.

At Tropical Telemedicine, we provide non-emergency urgent care services for people needing medical assistance from home. Through our virtual consultations, you can access fast and convenient medical care. This means you can receive timely assessments and treatment without enduring long waiting lines or leaving your house.

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Medication Refills

Medication refills are required to obtain more doses of a prescribed medication once the initial prescription has been used up. An in-person visit to the doctor or pharmacy for a refill may not always be convenient, especially when you can easily access them online.

At Tropical Telemedicine, we understand the importance of timely access to your medications. That is why we offer convenient medication refill services to ensure you never miss a dose. 

Whether you need a medication refill for a chronic condition, a one-time prescription, or a short-term prescription, we’ve got you covered. It’s as simple as scheduling an online appointment with our provider to discuss details about your symptoms and medical history, and we will handle the rest.

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Birth Control

Birth control or contraception is a crucial aspect of women's reproductive health, as it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies. For women, easy access to birth control is crucial for family planning and for making informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Accessing birth control through physical clinics can often be taxing, involving lengthy wait times, the need for appointments, travel costs, and more. At Tropical Telemedicine, we provide virtual consultations to discuss and prescribe various birth control options. 

We eliminate the need for in-person visits and ensure you have access to safe and effective contraception from your house.

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Cosmetic Skincare

Cosmetic skincare includes various products and treatments to enhance the appearance and health of your skin. These solutions can help address multiple skin concerns and conditions, helping you regain healthy skin and boost your confidence.

Common skin concerns do not always require an immediate visit to a dermatologist or healthcare provider. They can often be treated effectively with proper medical care and guidance, which can be easily accessed from home. 

At Tropical Telemedicine, our virtual consultations make it easy to get the care you need. We make cosmetic skincare more accessible and convenient.

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Men's Health

Men's health encompasses a range of issues specific to men, including conditions related to testosterone levels and other hormonal concerns. As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline. However, other factors can also impact hormonal balance, leading to various health conditions.

Men often face unique challenges in maintaining both their mental and physical health. At Tropical Telemedicine, we offer convenient and affordable medical care to improve men's health and overall well-being. 

We provide comprehensive virtual consultations to address various men's health issues and conditions.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complex and personal journey that often requires more than just lifestyle changes for effective results. At Tropical Telemedicine, we offer comprehensive support, including weight loss medications and personalized lifestyle recommendations, to treat obesity and excessive weight.

Our provider, Abby Guirguis, conducts virtual consultations to assess your health status and weight loss goals. She creates customized plans tailored to your needs and works closely with you to provide the necessary support and guidance on your weight loss journey.

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Medical Referrals

At Tropical Telemedicine, we provide medical referrals to ensure you receive prompt, high-quality, specialized care when needed. Specialist referrals are usually needed when you need expert medical attention beyond the scope of primary care. 

Navigating the healthcare system to seek specialized care can be complex and time-consuming. A medical referral from your healthcare provider can simplify the process and expedite access to the care you need. 

We provide convenient, timely, and personalized medical referrals at Tropical Telemedicine. This approach saves you time and ensures that you receive high-quality medical attention conveniently.

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Contact Us

At Tropical Telemedicine, we provide convenient and affordable online healthcare solutions for people seeking medical expertise and care from the comfort of their homes.

To schedule a virtual consultation with Abby, call us at 941-376-8630 or request an appointment online.

Based in Sarasota, Florida Serving the entire state of FLORIDA with online  appointments!
Based in Sarasota, Florida Serving the entire state of FLORIDA with online  appointments!

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