Medication Refills

Medication refills are required to obtain more doses of a prescribed medication once the initial prescription has been used up. An in-person visit to the doctor or pharmacy for a refill may not always be convenient, especially when you can easily access them from the comfort of your home.

At Tropical Telemedicine, we understand the importance of timely access to your medications. That is why we offer convenient medication refill services to ensure you never miss a dose. 

Whether you need a medication refill for a chronic condition, a one-time prescription, or a short-term prescription, we’ve got you covered. It’s as simple as scheduling an online appointment with our provider to discuss details about your symptoms and medical history, and we will handle the rest.

Prescription Refills

We provide refills for your prescription medication. This includes medication for common health issues, such as infections, cosmetic concerns, men’s health issues, and more. 

Our provider, Abby Guirguis, will have a quick virtual consultation with you to assess your needs and proceed with the necessary prescriptions.

Birth Control Refills & Emergency Contraception

At Tropical Telemedicine, we prescribe various types of birth control and refills based on your needs and preferences. You can receive up to 12-month prescriptions for different contraceptive options.

For emergency contraception, we offer consultations through secure video visits, ensuring you get the care you need promptly. Our services make it easier for you to obtain contraception with minimal effort.

Refills For Snowbirds

For patients who split their time between Florida and other locations or are visiting the state, managing healthcare and medication can be challenging. We offer convenient virtual solutions to fulfill the healthcare needs of visitors. 

This includes seamless refill and referral services to ensure continuity of care no matter where you are. Rest assured that when you are enjoying the warm Florida weather, we have got your health covered.

Work Absence Notes

We provide documentation for work-related absences due to illness or other health concerns. Our healthcare provider can issue work excuses or absence notes to support your needs.

Whether you are recovering from a temporary illness or managing a chronic condition, we assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation.

Medication Refills with Tropical Telemedicine

At Tropical Telemedicine, our provider, Abby Guirguis, offers personalized care and treatment through virtual consultations. She addresses a wide range of health issues and provides fast, affordable, and expert medication refills from the comfort of your home. Prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy of choice within minutes.

To access medication from us, follow the following steps: 

  • Schedule a virtual consultation with Tropical Telemedicine.
  • During the consultation, discuss your symptoms and provide medical information with Abby.
  • We can either prescribe new medications for your conditions and concerns or provide refills for your existing prescriptions.
  • Once your prescription is ready, we can have your medication delivered right to your doorstep.

Get Medication Refills in Florida

At Tropical Telemedicine, we are committed to providing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to you without the hassle of physical visits and waiting lines. We provide fast, affordable, and expert medication refills from the comfort of your home. 

To schedule a virtual consultation with Abby, call us at 941-376-8630 or request an appointment online.

Based in Sarasota, Florida Serving the entire state of FLORIDA with online  appointments!
Based in Sarasota, Florida Serving the entire state of FLORIDA with online  appointments!

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